The Certifications Check allows VDTL instructors at forgetting the certification Online access Certificates of VDTL divers!

Each VDTL divers voluntarily checked include the following details with respect to the possession of certifications:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Date of birth

Terms of Use

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  • Active VDTL instructor may use the contents of this area to do your job and query the existing data and to view.
  • The dissemination of that information to third parties without the express authorization of the certification shall be prohibited from privacy reasons.
  • The Brevetdaten are intended only for the personal use of the certification owner and may be printed only for personal use. Further duplication – completely or partially – in electronic, mechanical or otherwise, is allowed only with written permission from the certification owner.
  • The transfer of the content – completely or partially – in electronic, mechanical or otherwise to third parties is expressly prohibited

Consent Certifications Check

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